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2010-09-26 19:16

Come on baby, do the locomotion

Little Egberdina de la Feuille is at that time of life when she wishes to be able to crawl but this wish is unfulfilled. It's a frustrating process for all involved, and also for bystanders.

Meanwhile, little Boris van 't Blad is having a super-ego thrust upon him, especially on days (like today) when he declines the option of an afternoon nap.

And bloglines is shutting down at the end of this week, having definitively established that persons geeky enough to use online RSS aggregators are deeply unlikely to be impressed by search-engine spam from (number 5 in a field of 2, and rightly so). This is very much the end of an era for us. We've moved our feeds over to, since Google insists on having our mobile phone number and that isn't going to happen, but it isn't the same. It isn't, in particular, much good. Bah!

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