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2011-01-26 22:04

Monday review of stuff!

Only almost-finished, but worth recommending is Neil Shubin's Your Inner Fish, which gives an apparently cutting edge view of the perspectives paleontology and genomics can bring to (human and other) anatomy. It is lucid, informative and engagingly good-humoured. The only serious weakness is the lack of dinosaurs: we are very fond of dinosaurs, and in a world where they include chickens, we would have hoped to learn more about them.

La mort verte (originally The Mystic Mullah) by Lester Dent (writing as Kenneth Robeson) is an enjoyable vintage Doc Savage romp, but it is also very out of print. We were intermittently dismayed at the lack of overlap between the very concrete French vocabulary deployed and French words we happen to know, but it turned out not to be a serious problem.

Flight 666 (mostly a tour documentary) by Iron Maiden was on the BBC, and we took the liberty of recording it for our children. The best thing about it by far is that Bruce Wossname is both the lead singer and the pilot of the customised Boeing 757 used for the tour. (This is a very good thing, if you ask us.) The second-best thing was the music: it was a tour based around Maiden's many classics and the band is exceptionally good live, even by the exacting standards applicable to seasoned pros.

Iron Man II, on the other hand, was not really any better than it ought to be, even if that is still more or less good enough for us. Having been deterred by the largely hostile press for Green Hornet, we're now waiting for word of Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America and eventually the Avengers. (Wild horses couldn't drag us to Spielberg's Tintin, though.)

2011-01-26 21:59

Foopball is back!

And Albert Heijn (the biggest supermarkt in the country) has its foopball stickers and albums back in circulation.

And the Groningen Greenshirts are playing the Utrechts in the Beker ("beaker" or "cup") as we type. (The Utrechts are winning, which will expose us to mild teasing from our brother-in-law at the weekend.)

It's just as boring and incomprehensible as ever, of course, but we did miss it.

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