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2016-04-02 10:07

Offcuts d'occasion


Master Zhuang prepared his joke meticulously
though he had no time for foolishness,
knew nothing of April
and the prank was in no way amusing


That the public does not understand much of science
and happily watches astrologers on daytime TV
is said to be a great embarrassment for them.
Well, maybe.

If the public knew anything about science
they would taunt me about 'Dark Matter' all the time
which would certainly be uncomfortable
for me.

2016-03-29 21:12


§1. The Revenant

As a game of golf disfigures a walk
so the ill-judged gurning of Leo et al.
ruins an otherwise thrilling meditation
on American landscapes.

The Good Dinosaur does the same thing better.

§2. On an over-filled omelette

Rectify the name,
thus restoring harmony -
it's a fritata.

§3. Summertime

The clocks went forward Sunday morning
then we took the boat to Holland overnight.
Now it's Monday, late, past my bedtime
and I'm at home in Groningen


2016-03-16 08:15

On the Maya exhibition at the Drents Museum

(This one)

In this scene we see the young K'awiil Chan K'inich
piercing his penis with a stingray spine
for ritual purposes,
                    or so he says.

And some retranslations of captions. (The original translations were better than serviceable, but not especially musical.)

Precisely what purpose
these bone fragments served

is unclear.

Analysis of the wear pattern shows
that these "bone fragments"
were also used for something;

it is unclear what.

These bone rings
may have been worn on the fingers,

but other uses are quite conceivable.

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