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2006-10-01 12:34

Examinate me less harder, please!

Not only is it wedding season (which is of course a very good thing) but it is also exam season (of which the same can hardly be said).

We had our Cherman Oral test the other day, and given our geographical situation we were deprived of the group component. Then we got stuck with the option (of four) with which we were least comfortable.

Still, at least that's over. We aren't taking a Cherman course next year, for sure: we need some time off to actually learn some Cherman before we try it again. There was a dubbed Bond film on the Cherman channel ARD last night, though, and it was very entertaining for the half hour we could be bothered with before going to bed.

Now it is time to revise much histories, since we have our other exam during our already-truncated honeymoon.

Of all the many things to which we've ever seen very little point, the exercise of writing three (3) essays in three (3) hours, without the benefit of sources not contained in our head is ranked quite highly. We've already been stifled by the gaps in our course material from saying the things we wanted to say, and our head is by no means capacious.

Still, that's what studying at the University of Openness is all about: over six (6) years of study it's more than somewhat likely life will get in the way at some point.

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