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2006-11-15 22:13

Why we so rarely do it ourself

It's manual labour, is what it is. And the stuff to get the carpet-glue off the stairs is one of the least pleasant chemicals our mind has ever been altered by. (The packaging helpfully points out that it may well be carcinogenic.)

This week is Carpet Week, and next week is the Groningen Festival of Box Carrying. We'll be happy when it's all done and we can devote our full attention to being suburban, for sure; until the 25th we're still going to be scarce.

2006-11-05 19:51


We got the keys to our new place on Wednesday. Which was easy and pleasant enough, if you don't count yet another trip to the notaris to be told in fragmented Engleesh that continental law is different from the Anglo-Saxon kind.

But when Dutchpersons move house, they paint it from top to bottom first, and this is a three-(3)-storey house. We've hired someone to do the walls and ceilings, but the door- and windowframes are ours all ours. So we camped there over the weekend, with no TV, no Internets, and no bed beyond a matress on the floor, and worked and worked and worked.

We were irritatingly inexperienced in Dutch fuses and all paintnings, for sure, but now we're neither. (Our new theory, which is ours, is that anything that everyone knows isn't that hard to learn.)

We move properly on the 24th, and until then our Copious Spare Time isn't, sorry.

2006-10-23 19:19

Why we are so very married

Yes indeedy, the ring is rung. It was vair nice; Groningen town hall with a civil service Gromp who spoke slightly more English than we had expected.

And then we had a party/dinner/party thing that meant spending about twelve (12) hours in one large and very pleasant room and left us with a EUR 3000 bar tab, which was cheap at the price, frankly. If you ever want to get married in Groningen - and who doesn't, deep down? - you could do a lot worse than Hemingway's Cuba on Zuiderdeep. They even catered very nicely for our vegan guests, and you can't say that often in Nederland. A good party, for sure, and we'll try and sort out a webbification of some foto's before too long.

Then we went to Scheveningen for a slight honeymoon, which was very nice. The overdekterrassen were still open, and the weather was unseasonably agreeable, and we had a seaview from our penthouse appartment, and we ate many mixed grills and perused the NZZ and caught up on a great deal of sleep.

Then we had our OU exam in the Hague, which is basically a suburb of Scheveningen and none the worse for that, and we wrote and wrote until our writing hand seized up, while our now Mrs Zweetie was discovering that the shops don't open till 12:00 on Mondays, oops, and it was certainly very odd being separated under such conditions at such a point.

And then we came home. We probably owe you email, Varied Reader, and we'll attend to that shortly: things have returned slightly to normal, but we have come down with a headcold, and we're pretty tired.

Next, we have the moving of houses, and then we intend to have a few decades of being boringly suburban. (It's 20 minutes bike ride to the centre, which by local standards is a lot, but by any reasonable standard is no such something.)

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