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2010-02-08 13:44

Small differences: some minutiae

Our music-listening habits at work are distinctly phase-prone: mostly we prefer to have delicious silence, but sometimes we want to listen only to the Grateful Dead, or only baroque music, or only the sounds of so-called "Italo" 80s eurobeat.

One of the gloris - and not the least - of the Internet is that we can always find radio-streams to suit.

But this week we have mostly been listening to the 80s heavy metal of Netrock 101, except for a dismal but instructive afternoon when it was off air.

Instructive, because the alternatives we could find emphasised "hair" bands (prototypically Bon Jovi) as opposed to "metal" bands (prototypically Iron Maiden). And while we're confident that less finely-tuned ears would hear no substantial difference, to us it makes the difference between enjoying and looking for an off-switch with no little urgency.

Meanwhile, yesterday we were looking around kringloopwinkels for a second-hand mattress in case the countess choses - in which we would unhesitatingly support her - to give birth to Unborn Egberdina on the dining-room table. None were to be had, and we ended up instead with a substantial haul of paperbacks and a vintage (1992) issue of Guitar World, featuring a transcription of Randy Rhoads' no-doubt scorching fretwork on "Flying High Again". (Rhoads had already been dead for 10 years by this point, we point out for the benefit of our less rocktastic Varied Reader.)

When we idly surfed to Guitar World's website to see what if anything they get up to these dags, we found a trailer for the forthcoming isue, featuring a transcription of Randy Rhoads' apparently still scorchtastically state of the art fretwork on "Flying High Again".

It has been a hard couple of decades for the devout Orthodox Metalhead, we surmise. We figure we have a good twenty(20) years to get our fingers around said scorching fretwork before the inevitable Golden Anniversary issue of Guitar World hits the stand, so we're not rushing.

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