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2010-05-30 13:56

Why I have been so very absent

Egberina von und zu Blatt, now aged eight(8) weeks, has spent about seven(7) weeks of her short life suffering from stomach cramps.

Babies with stomach cramps make unusually unsoothing company, even by the standards of babies, and our leisure time has been correspondingly curtailed.

She now seems to be on the mend, and it is hoped that this 'bladet's normal service will trend towards resumption.

2010-05-30 13:48

Send in the technocrats?

Over at Jamie's a recent theme has been the question of whether Very Serious People are likely to start holding that democratic governments in Europe are inadequate to the task of holding their nations to the fiscal rigour that the Markets are entitled to demand:

The Czech Republic still has a fairly popular, reformed but not entirely reconstructed Communist Party. Should they go into coalition with the Social Democrats, who are currently leading in the polls, that would provide an excellent opportunity for overt calls to remove the irresponsible public from undue influence over financial affairs through the medium of politics.

Meanwhile in last night's Eurovision Song Contest, the new system of splitting countries' votes between a public vote and "expert juries", as a measure to combat perceived cliquishness, produced the first German win since reunification and the best Belgian result in years.

Whether this is an argument for or against technocracy is left as an exercise for the interested reader.

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