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2010-07-09 21:14

Holiday readning

It wasn't the kind of holiiday where you can read: we went to the campsite in sunny Twente where my parents-in-law have a season place, largely because with a baby and a toddler you either have an extra pair or two(2) of hands and eyes or you man-mark the children and have no holiday at all for yourself.

And then there was the foopball - with the Holland Oranjes making it, to the surprise of almost everyone, making it to Zundag's final - and the awkward fact that my father-in-law can no longer read since he had a stroke three(3) years ago and feels understandably left out if everyone else is sitting around with their many books in the evening.

But as luck would have it, the pile of disused periodicals in the washing-up room included some pulp westerns, probably translated from the Cherman, and we greedily grabbed all of those and discovered that we can now make it from beginning to end in less than three(3) hours of very divided attention.

In the past we've not really got on with the westerns, since they are big on teugels and 164beugels (reins and stirrups, we now know) and more importantly because they are spiced up with steamy sex scenes, and there are few more tiresome leisure activities than deciphering sub-literate pr0n with a dictionary.

But now we are literate!

So we read:

  • Hollister #1959, In de ban van de zwarte weduwe (In the tracks of the black widow; in which the anti-heroine turns out to have been more sinned against than sinning, which is saying something)
  • Western Hit #1464 Hotfields dodelijke eed (Hotfield's deadly oath; in which a forceably retired sherrif finds himself avenging his brothers' murder against a ruthless local landowner)
  • Colt 45 #2382 Bloednacht in de spookstad (Boodnight in the ghosttown; in which almost everyone gets killed but some of them get laid first)
  • Jerry Cotton Kriminalroman #580 Nakt in der Unterwelt (which is of course in Cherman, and we had brought with us; it is a full-blown pocket about a woman going undercover as a stripper to avenge her parents' murder by organised criminals); and
  • Jerry Cotton omnibus 122 (which we bought ourself and left at the campsite), featuring:
    • De amokmakende soldaat
    • De orgaanmaffia
    • Onze jacht in Buenos Aires

All of those are from Distrigo, who have a business model and an audience so elderly that they do not trouble with a website. Now that we're back we've dug into our own stockpile of Western nonsense, and we're currently working through a Western Sextet volume from hated rivals Favoriet (from Marken, who appear in the interim to have completely abandoned all forms of pulp for men).

If it ever cools off and we get a full nights' sleep, we'll try reading better stuff again but for now this is as much as we can take.

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