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(I know, I know, but it's the way we diarylanders have done it for generations.)

2006-01-02 15:55

And don't think we won't

  • Get a job in Abroad (shelf-stacking ranks above teaching Engleesh for this purpose, since the pay and conditions are typically better);
  • Emigrate;
  • Get married;
  • Learn Dutch, German and a wodge of 19th century history;
  • Go Dutch on buying a house.

2005-12-29 19:14

Thanks, Santa!

Snkaos i Sverige.

Hevige sneeuwval hindert verkeer in grote delen Europa ("Heavy snfall hinders traffic great parts of Europa".)

Meanwhile, of course, the Indybladet (on papier; 2005-12-29 (IV)) headlines a doublepage foto-spread with typically self-deprecating Engleesh smugness thus: "As Britain comes to a standstill after a light dusting of snow, the world's winter wonderlands reveal how to cope with the white stuff - and even enjoy it."

Insular old Blighty, isn't it? Since no one takes the slightest notice of us, we expect to be surprised that they're surprised that snieuw is surprisingly chaotique for as long as we are aware of the opinions of Blightians on such somethings at all, which we are taking steps to ensure will be very not very long at all.

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