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2005-11-04 22:08

Grated-Potatocake, my part in its upwriting

Iss alright, yer GP. The B'n'B had a lot of Jesusobilia, and its breakfast room a frankly worrying array of Bambicarnages, but we survived, not being easily mistaken for a dier, and have returned to remark that:

  • Mountains are high!
  • Mountains can be quite chilly!
  • Ski-jumpning slopes are very intimidating!
  • Cow is tasty!
  • Yodelling is excellent dinner entertainment!
  • Americans are much louder on tour than at home. Even the scientistes are baffled!
  • Mad King Ludwig's celebrated Dunkelbier will do in a pinch if there's no Hefeweizen, but since there always is, who cares?

We'll be back tomorrow, for worse and for better, and we'll be fatter and Bildier and Deuschophonier than when we left, and most of these are a good thing. (We quite like Bild, which has big pictures and small words, but we expect our enthusiasme to wilt somewhat when we work out what the latter actually say.)

2005-11-01 04:13

What I am doing on my holidays

We have been to Regensburg - that picturesque town of Regenses past and present! - and we have eaten a lot of pig, and we have eaten Weiwurst, which are not served in the afternoon, and we have drunk not quite enough Bier, mostly Weiss and mostly a different brand each time, and we have seen quite enough of museums and their many artworks, but after all some of them are good.

We have been speaking our very bad German and we have accordingly mislaid all our Dutch, and we have taken to pretending to read the trashbladet Bild, which is after all what it is for.

Mnchen is OK, certainly, and the Englischer Garten is better than OK, and the artmuseum stuff is world class. But a Global Metropolis it isn't - it's feels as much like a small town as a big city, for better or worse.

On our to-do list is opera; Garnish-Poddapomchen; plentmore bier; maybe more art if we can be bothered - we have the Neue Pinothek leftover, and we are not mostly a huge fan of C18/19 stuff to be honest, and we've seen a lot of van Gogh this year already.

But our time is running out, so we'd better post and run. Vi ses!

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