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2016-11-02 18:56

I'm a Dutchman

Snökaos season is already upon us; Soaraway Aftonbladet has video of this as it often does these days, which is awesome. If they'd had that a decade ago I might even have learned to understand real spoken Swedish.

And since the last Winterval - the Interwintervallum, if you like - we've taken Dutch citizenship. The ceremony was entirely underwhelming and we didn't even get a chance to sing the silly song or "national anthem", but the end result was a source of great rejoicing. We are now legally immune to whatever the UK inflicts on itself on the way out of the EU, and in particular we won't be going along for the ride.

Is a good feeling.

For the record, we now hold dual-nationality; Dutch law has been revised to make that harder, but as a spouse of a Dutchperson we still qualify.

We're looking forward to voting in our first Dutch parliamentary election next spring, especially if we can find a party worth voting for. Proportional representation means there are more parties to choose from, of course, but the last couple of cycles there still weren't any that were really too our tastes.

(Maybe we should write more about Dutch politics. It would be almost like there was less written about American politics, although not quite.)

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