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2010-01-05 20:46

England succumbs

It's only a dainty subsubheader for the Beeboid, but it is a giant leap for snkaos enthusiast:

Snow chaos across the UK

The Dutch have long since got a pretty firm grip on the situation, but it is after all easier not to slide down (for example) hills when there are no hills in the first place.

2010-01-04 14:56

Quote (and word) of the Week

Voor een leek is het al helemaal niet te vatten.

Inno Stangl, in the letters page of C't Jan/Feb 2010, commenting on the maliciously incomprehensible installation procedure for one version of Windows 7.

"Leek" can't mean "leek", because "prei" already means "leek", and because in our experience leeks are often confused by even the simplest software installation procedures.

The dictionary says it means "layman", which we hadn't noticed we didn't have a Dutch woord voor. We do now, and there is quite some jubilation.

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