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2007-08-10 18:03


We went zwimming yesterday at the time and place unofficially appointed for elderly persons and pregnant ladies (dont la comtesse) - a pool heated to over 30 degrees.

And very nice it was too. Here in Nederland, they give you Magic Wristbands that allocate you a locker, and unisex, but heavily cubicled, changing rooms are available for your changing pleasure, and everything works, and nothing is broken, and no one even asked us for our Certificaat A, even if it was verplicht.

2007-08-06 16:58

Saxon Sizeology

According to Wikipedia, Bottom Saxony has an area of 47,624 square kilometres, while the Netherlands AKA Submarine Saxony has an area of 41,526 square kilometres.

(Yes, we should be writing an essay, well spotted.)

2007-08-04 16:40

I has a photobucket!

Wernigerode Rathaus

It is the Rathaus of Wernigerode in deepest Latveria!

2007-08-03 13:57

Ach! Regen!

It was bound to happen sooner or later, and the weather this year was such that sooner was the way to bet: we got too cold and wet after a week of camping and gave up.

On the occasional warm days it was most agreeable at the Blauer See. We had Googlemapped it in advance, so we weren't unpleasantly surprised to find that it was right by a motorway, and this lent the otherwise quiet moments an eerie sound-tracked by (ambientised) Metal Machine Music gefuhl that we for one found rather endearing.

Downsides are that on Tent Mountain, one is rather a long way from the facilities, and that Tent Mountain is the favoured site of the group that comes complete with banners and their own enormous enormous marquees.

Of course, this being Chermany (which it after all was) even groups of drunken youngpersons respect the evening curfews and clean up after themselves. It as at such moments that we miss Blighty the least, for sure.

Then, we went to the Harz mini-mountains, to the town known only as Wernigerode in what was once East Chermany, and then via an exceptionally scenic mountain road down to Goettingen, the university actually best-known, despite its best efforts, for not being Heidelberg, and therefore largely untroubled by tourists and on the whole deservedly so.

Foto's and further descriptions to follow, when we've figured out hosting for the former.

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