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2005-10-23 10:13

Why I am so very home again

We (sing) are back from the FDR at last, hoorah, and we (pl) are currently guesting it up in the best hotel in Utrecht, which are both vair vair nice.

We may have drunk slightly too much last night, what with one thing and (especially) another, and we are slightly tired, but the hotelbreakfast here is well worth getting out of bed for. The grapefruitjuice is very conspicuously squeezed from fresh grapefroots, as is the orange juice and we didn't even know you could squeeze orange juice from fresh grapefroots.

We have an appointment in Utrecht - did we mention it was nice? Persons actually walk on the streets in a state other than of psychotic anomie or abject terror, and we certainly missed that - but first we are going back to our bed for a leetle nap.

Normal blogging will resume in Brizzle on Monday, for the week until we clear off to sunny Munchen-on-the-Alps for some yummy bier and sossages and actual proper holiday, hoorah!

2005-10-20 15:30

Psychogeography is doing my head in

Wherever we go in the FDRUSA at least one (1) person informs us that it is "not like the rest of America".

We deduce or infer that there is probably a town in Wisconsin that is indeed exactly like the rest of America, but this seems enough like the America we know of from non-visitational sources for any purposes we expect to have. It is boring, full of crap new buildings and antisceptic malls, grotesquely racist and operating under a pedestrian curfew. (We did find it very easy to buy new Scheaffer fountainpencartridges, though, and you can't say that about just anywhere.)

We're going to Utrecht for a day and a night, and especially a night, on the way home, and we certainly wish we were there now.

2005-10-18 15:23

In brief

We basically don't have Interweb access, sorry.

We note, however, that in the racial divorcesettlement of US cities, including this one, the blackpersons have retained custody of the pavements ("sidewalks") after dark, and that our hotel is out by the Greyhound station and gun shop.

We're having about as much fun as that suggests, really. Oh and jetlag is teh suck, for sure.

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